Premium Services...

Our Premium Setup Service is now available as an option on all new computers which we sell.

Premium Setup ensures your new computer is fully up to date and ready to use including:-

* Windows and selected additional software fully installed, configured and updated - ready to use.
* Free Antivirus and Free OpenOffice software installed - no trial periods or subscription fees.
* Personalised configuration of your user names and existing email settings * (if applicable)

* (not including passwords - customers can enter their own password on first use)

All this for only $ 100.00 including GST

And Now, as an additional option request our Documents Recovery Service -

- and we will transfer your existing saved Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Contacts,
Favourites and emails (as applicable) from your old computer, working or not * to your
brand new PC.

* (wherever possible - in most cases documents can still be recovered if computer is not working)

No more need to 'start from scratch' Also only $ 100.00 including GST

And the Latest; take advantage of our limited Trade In Offer -

- when you purchase your new computer with Premium Setup Service option,
Trade In your old computer system (tower) or notebook, complete, working or not
and in return we will include our Documents Recovery Service option for that computer
free of charge

That's a value of $ 100.00 - for your old clunker !

Buy Now ! as this offer may only be available for a limited time !!

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* Prices applicable to in-store service only.

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