'Recycle' your old PCs...

We now accept donations of pre-owned Computers and Peripherals which may be suitable for
Refurbishment or Parts.

Each computer processed is professionally wiped of all the previous owner's data, ensuring
privacy and security - computers and devices with internal storage should never be discarded
as 'street waste' as sensitive files can often be recovered even if they have been deleted and
even if the computer itself is not working.

Items we accept include:-

* Desktop Computers and Notebooks - working or not.
* Working Peripherals such as Monitors, Keyboards, Mice and Speakers.
* Chargers, Power supplies and interconnecting cables.
* Genuine Software discs - CDs, DVDs * (Keep originals of software you currently use.)

* We also accept Working disused Tablets and Smart Phones.

Please Note, due to lack of space and demand we Do Not accept the following items:-

* Printers or Scanners - working or not.
* Non Working Peripherals such as Monitors, Keyboards, Mice or Speakers.
* Non Working Tablets or Smart Phones.
* Non Genuine Software discs - CDs, DVDs of any kind.

Suitable items are accepted at our store by prior arrangement.
Please Contact us to confirm or arrange an alternate time or location...

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