Retro Repairs - early Home Computers... Video Game Consoles... Arcade Machines...

Aside from Sales and Service of modern Computers and Electronic equipment we are able to repair selected early Home Computers, Video Game Consoles and Arcade Machines including component-level repair of their original circuit boards (PCBs). Models accepted are subject to availability of replacement parts and documentation.

Early Home Computers

Apple, Tandy / Radio Shack

Commodore, Atari

Sinclair, Ohio Scientific

BBC Micro / MicroBee...

early home computers

video game consoles

Video Game Consoles

Hanimex, Atari

Nintendo, Sega

Sony, Microsoft...

Arcade Machines

Atari, Mirco Games

Gottlieb, Hankin, LAI

Taito, Incredible Technologies

Konami, Namco, Jaleco

Capcom and Others...

arcade machines

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