Update and Scan Service...

Does your existing computer just need updating? Is it running a bit slow?

Our Update and Scan Service may be all you need:-

* Updates for Windows and selected additional software fully installed and ready to use.
* Computer Hard Drive scanned for errors, Malware and Potentially Unwanted Programs.
* Existing Antivirus software updated or Free Antivirus software installed - no trial periods or subscription fees.
* Minor errors corrected (any major errors or hardware problems requiring further attention noted if applicable).

* (computers with Windows 7, 8 or 10 only - customers with earlier versions should consider our Trade-In option)

All this for only $ 100.00 including GST

And Now, as an additional option request our Documents Backup Service -

- and we will backup your existing saved Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Contacts, Favourites
and emails (as applicable) from your computer to DVD, USB Flash Drive or external Hard Drive.*

* (depending on space needed - we can supply these items at additional cost if required.)

* (computer must be in working condition - otherwise customers should consider our Documents Recovery option)

Protect your Data! Also only $ 100.00 including GST

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* Prices applicable to in-store service only.

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